HIFFIN HST-61 1.6 Meter Portable Long Selfie Stick Tripod with Wireless Remote & 3 Legs Tripod Base

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About this item

  • Versatility & Compatibility: The HST-61, a 2-in-1 tripod, smoothly transitions between selfie stick and tripod. With a one-piece design, it effortlessly accommodates phones, lightweight cameras, and Go Pro HERO12 without additional adapters.
  • Extendable & Portable Design: Customize your shooting experience with an adjustable length (12.6 to 63 inches). Its pocket-sized design ensures easy portability, making it your perfect creative companion for travels, events, and spontaneous photo sessions.
  • 360° Rotation for Flawless Angles: Immerse yourself in dynamic photography with 180° neck and 360° clamp rotation. Seamlessly switch between horizontal and vertical shooting modes, making it an ideal companion for various activities like online learning, makeup tutorials, and culinary demos.
  • Detachable Remote & Seamless Connectivity: The detachable wireless remote offers hands-free photography with a range of up to 33 feet/10 meters. Quick pairing and a simple shutter button press allow you to capture moments effortlessly, be it a close-up self-portrait or an expansive landscape.
  • Complete Package & Exceptional Service: Unveil the contents of your package - 1 x Selfie Stick, 1 x Phone Holder, 1 x Detachable Wireless Remote - meticulously designed to enhance your shooting experience. Our dedicated HIFFIN customer service team is ready to provide unwavering support for any inquiries or assistance.
  • Multipurpose Selfie Stick: Versatile Applications for Every Creative Soul: Elevate your livestreaming, vlogging, time-lapse projects, and more. Tailored for creators, vloggers, and photographers, the HST-61 is not just a tripod; it's your creative confidant, ready to unlock the full spectrum of your artistic potential.

Product Description


Elevate Your Content Creation with the HIFFIN HST-61 1.6m 2-in-1 Multifunctional Portable Tripod

Unleash the potential of your creativity with our versatile and universally compatible tripod. The HIFFIN HST-61 seamlessly transitions between roles, serving as both a selfie stick and a tripod, making it the ultimate companion for your content creation journey.


Extendable & Portable Design

Experience the freedom to choose your preferred size with an adjustable length ranging from 12.6 inches to 63 inches. Its compact, pocket-sized design easy portability, making it a must-have for your travels, sporting events, camping trips, family gatherings, and more. Pack it in your bag without sacrificing space and let it be your versatile companion on the go.


Multi-Role & Wide Compatibility

Designed for maximum adaptability, the HST-61 features a one-piece design with a fixed phone clip, 1/4 screw, ensuring compatibility with various devices. From mobile phones to lightweight cameras and Go Pro, this multifunctional tripod is your all-in-one solution. Plus, it effortlessly accommodates a Action Cameras without the need for a separate adapter.


Wireless Bluetooth Remote Control, Detachable Remote & Fast Connecting

Enjoy the convenience of hands-free photography and video calls with the detachable wireless remote. With a wireless range of up to 33 feet/10 meters, this feature allows for quick and easy pairing with your phone. Seamlessly operate the selfie stick by simply pressing the shutter button, whether you're capturing a close-up self-portrait or a vast landscape.


Multipurpose Selfie Stick

Perfect for a myriad of applications including livestreaming, video recording, vlogging, time-lapse, YouTube videos, and photoshoots. A top choice for vloggers, filmmakers, and photographers alike, the HIFFIN HST-61 is your tool for unlocking endless creative possibilities.


HIFFIN HST-61 1.6m 2-in-1 Multifunctional Portable Tripod!

HIFFIN HST-61 2 in 1 tripod! Versatile compatibility, seamlessly transitions between selfie stick and tripod. Adjustable length (12.6 to 63 inches) and pocket-sized design for on-the-go shooting. 360° rotation adapts to various activities. Detachable remote with a 33ft range for hands-free control. Complete package includes selfie stick, phone holder, and wireless remote. Ideal for livestreaming, vlogging, and more. Elevate your content creation with the HST-61 a creative companion ready for any adventure!

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