HIFFIN Lens Filter Stepping Down CONVERTION Rings Set 8 Pcs Lens Stepping Down Ring||82-49mm||

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  • This is a 82mm-49mm (82mm-49mm (82mm-77mm, 77mm-72mm, 72mm-67mm, 67mm-62mm, 62mm-58mm, 58mm-55mm, 55mm-52mm,52mm-49mm) step down filters ring steping adapter
  • It is made with light weight and durable aluminum material. You may also combine multiple step rings to fit even larger filters
  • This 67mm-62mm step up filters ring steping adapter is really a very useful and helpful gear for extra filter lenses
  • With this adapter ring, you can experiment by taking close pictures of various small items such as stamps, coins and insects
  • Note all lenses are designed with standard filter accessory screw in thread sizes. For these lenses, many of which are very popular, the way to mount a filter is via an adapter ring. A main feature of adapter rings is that you can utilize one size filter with a number of different sized lenses via different adapter rings

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