Hiffin HWM-50 Wireless Microphone System for Camera & Smartphone - Compact & Lightweight, Noise Cancellation, Multi-Person Recording, Portable Charging Case

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  • Universal Compatibility: HWM-50 wireless microphone is compatible with Cameras, Android and Apple smartphones, ensuring versatility for a wide range of recording needs. Say goodbye to compatibility issues with this all-in-one solution.
  • Smart Transmitter Control: The microphone's transmitter features one-touch mute and noise reduction capabilities, simplifying the recording process. Additionally, it supports extra lapel microphone inputs, offering you more recording options for various scenarios.
  • Multi-Person Recording: The receiver comes with a built-in microphone that allows you to record up to three individuals simultaneously. Whether it's interviews, conference calls, or collaborative projects, capturing multiple voices has never been easier.
  • Real-Time Audio Control: With headphone monitoring on the receiver, you can continuously monitor your audio quality. Adjust the volume in real-time to ensure perfect recordings. The receiver also offers digital output options for direct connections to Android, Apple, cameras, and other devices.
  • Portable Charging Case: Included is a convenient portable charging case, eliminating worries about battery life. Keep your microphone in top condition no matter where you are by recharging on the go.
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