HIFFIN® 832"/80CM Photo Studio Light Box Shooting Tent, Adjustable 126 LED Panel Light Bulbs with Table Top Softbox Cube, 3 Colors Backdrops(Black...

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Hiffin tent magnet 832"/80CM Photo Studio Light Box Shooting Tent, Adjustable 126 LED Panel Light Bulbs with Table Top Softbox Cube, 3 Colors Backdrops(Black White Tan)… product photography light box will serve your needs if you're an online seller, artist or shutterbugs looking for smashing product photos. The LEDs offer a satisfactory temperature balance with Color Rendering Index (CRI) to keep the colors consistent with every shoot. You can open the light box in 3 ways/angles (top and front). The construction is pretty rugged and tough. No rays will be detected when shooting. Convenient way to soften the light.Comes with diffuser would help taking pictures of reflective objects from showing the little LED lights in the shot. Silver reflective interior of the tent minimize shadows, combined with 1 colors 3 backgrounds,a soft light cloth and a light absorbing cloth allows you to take great pictures with different devices: iPhone, smart phones, cameras. The electric cord initiates at the top of the lightbox, but it is long enough to plug in a wall outlet at the standard height, even when the light box is set up on a table. There is a remote control switch, no need to unplug or collapse to turn off the lighting and can be remotely controlled. It's very convenient and simple operation. Dimensions:80x80*cm come with a carry bag for easy transportation, can be used in different places with phones or cameras. Easy to install, no tools required.


  • Contents: 1x light tent, 2x LED light panel, 1x diffuser, 3x backdrops (black, white, Tan), 1x power adapter
  • Great for Product Photography: Ideal for small product photography and eCommerce sellers
  • Reduces Shadows & Creates Soft Light: Creates soft wrap-around light, creating a soft glow effect on your products
  • Reduces Editing Time: Translucent diffuser reduces imperfections, shortening editing time
  • Quick & Easy Set-Up: Velcro attached edges makes assembling and storing effortless



Product Description

Tent Lightbox
Features Tent Light box
Built Studio


The light box utilizes a specially woven and heat resistant silver reflector,

which delivers uniform illumination while eliminating harsh shadows and reflective glare.