HIFFIN® Photography 5 Point Lighting Kit Background Support System with 1 Black Color Backdrop, 2 Umbrella, 3 Softbox, Continuous Lighting Backdrop Kit...

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HIFFIN professional softbox is well designed to create perfect lighting for various photography situation like portraiture, video shooting, product photography and fashion photography, making photos more attractive. Boasting solid build quality, powerful lights, and praised for its portability and versatility, the HIFFIN lighting kit delivers on every level. One unique feature of this kit is that the lights have different brightness. For those looking to do less lighting adjustments in post, this is a huge advantage. It is a great deal considering its excellent light quality and the overall sturdiness of the kit. It’s built to last.

  • 1 x top pipe | 7 x 9ft light stand | 1 x curtains (Black) | 4 x clips | 2 x single holder | 2 x umbrella | 14 x bulb 20 w | 3 X 50x70 soft box | 3 x 5 holder | 1 x reflector 42inche 5 in 1 | 1 x boom stand | 1 x bag for kits
  • Suitable for Various Photography: HIFFIN softbox is ideal for videos youtubers, film makers, general photography including portraits, group shots, glamour and product photography. This softbox is light weight and easy to set up and take anywhere you want.
  • 210° Rotatable Head & Adjustable Light Stand: Softbox lighting angle can be 270°adjustable lamp holder, which can suit for different perfect shooting with 1/4-inch Standard Screw Thread Tip. It still comes with 2 adjustable light stand that can be fold to 36'' or expand to 96''. Make you use it better.
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