HIFFIN Clydesdale Pro Dual Leather Camera Harness (Large, Tan)

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Dual-Camera Harness Setup
To put on, grab one side and slip it through one arm, and then the other arm. Then, pull down on both harnesses and the pivot points will self adjust to your body. The hook that attaches to the camera should be at waist level. For optimal performance and comfort, the right and left straps behind back can be adjusted. The extra security strap can be attached to the left or right rings on either side of your camera.

The camera will rest on the side of your body and be easily accessible as it glides up and down the strap from waist to shooting position.
Size Guide
The Clydesdale Pro Leather Dual Camera Harness is available in several sizes.

To ensure optimal fit with RL Handcrafts camera straps, follow the chest and height specifications. Measurements should be taken directly on your body around your chest area. Defer to the next size up or down based on height differences.

Chest: 42 - 44" / 106.7 - 111.8 cm
Height: 73 - 77" / 185.4 - 195.6 cm
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