HIFFIN Professional Flash Accessories Kit Universally Compatible | New Labeled Flash Diffuser | Bounce | Grid | Gel | Grip & Sphere (Professional Flash Kit)

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  • Durable semi-transparent silicone material that withstands the high temperatures and allows your flash to easily pass through
  • Control or diffuse light like a boss with our most popular modifiers and gels
  • Increase the apparent size of your flash by about 300% with the Magnet Bounce, part of the flash Kit modifier system and intended for use with the Flash Magnet Grip. The soft, diffused light produced by this attachment functions similarly to a softbox and cast the beam over a large area.
  • Add some flair and creativity to your lighting with this Creative Gel Set designed for use with the flash Kit modifier system. The kit includes red, orange, yellow, green, blue, teal, purple, and magenta gels made from a rigid polycarbonate for durability and easier handling. They easily slide into the Color gel slot for quick attachment and removal.
  • Control light spill and narrow your flash's beam angle to 40° with the Magnet Grid, designed for the flash kit modifier system. This grid efficiently focuses the light and attaches to the Magnet Grip via two neodymium rare-earth magnets. Also, it is stackable with other accessories and even other Magnet Grids, allowing users to further narrow their beam angle. It is made from molded silicone rubber for a sleek, simple design with good durability.


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