HIFFIN Super DMC CPL 62mm 99 PCNT Transmittance MC Japan Optics 16-Layer Multi-Coated Polarized Filter Protects Front Lens Element Rugged Black Filter Ring

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Essential for Outdoor Photography One of the most popular special-effect filters, the circular polarizer helps outdoor photographers-professionals and aspiring enthusiasts alike-capture that awe-inspiring image. Unlike a static single film polarizer, the circular polarizer gives you control over the angle of the polarizing effect in relation to the light. By reflecting certain light rays, the polarizing filter only allows select light rays to enter the camera lens. From vibrant sunsets over the ocean to vast mountains and grand canyons to family photos in the backyard, the HIFFIN circular polarizer will help take your outdoor images from simple to sublime. The hiffin circular polarizer not only deepens the intensity of beautiful blue skies-creating a dramatic sky/cloud contrast, but it also intensifies the color of water and adds detail to sand, snow, and ice. Even more, it provides a general saturation to a full range of colors, without changing the color balance. Radiant red, opulent orange, brilliant yellow, lavish green, exquisite purple-all become richer and more interesting. In addition to vivid blue skies, the HIFFIN circular polarizer also reduces or eliminates glare. Glare in a photo is typically caused from light bouncing off of highly reflective surfaces like glass, metal, or water. Reducing this glare helps recover the details in a photo that would otherwise be hidden by overly bright backlighting. A photo of your kids playing at the beach, for example, would highlight the details of the kids, instead of a brightly lit background with simple dark figures in the foreground.

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